I have been working with Jody Blum since 2006. She has been assisting me with organizing all of my endless paperwork and interacting on my behalf with service providers like the cable and telephone companies; financial institutions such as banks and credit card companies; and sparing me the hassle of dealing with difficult government agencies and bureaucracy. She has also set me up to manage my banking via the Internet and she helps me with my ongoing filing.

Her knowledge and negotiation skills, helping me receive the lowest prices and find the best deals, have been truly invaluable. Through her insight and perseverance, Jody has saved me time, money and headache dealing with both Israeli and U.S. authorities. She will stay on the phone with the right office for hours…so I don’t have to.

Jody has great “spatial intelligence” and helped me organize my “hutch.” When I moved to my new apartment, it was Jody who managed the entire transition with the many, many service providers. She has clearly earned her weight in gold.

Jody has been working with seniors since earning her M.S.W. in Geriatrics in 1990. In 2002, she began focusing on supporting seniors with their finances. She is kind, generous and most of all patient – and these days, we all need a little more of that! I trust Jody implicitly – I have no secrets from her.

I am writing to you now to recommend that you talk to Jody if you want to make your life easier. Let Jody take care of you in the same way she’s helped me for all these years.

Best regards,

Chana Givon

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